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PALS Online Lessons Instructions

The online PALS lessons below are optional but are highly recommended to review before class if you have not taken an PALS course before.


Step 1: Login to the AHA Online PALS Learning System. 

  • Copy/Paste the credentials below exactly as shown into the website.
  • Click the blue button below the login credentials to log in.





Step 2: Launch the Online PALS Lessons.

  • Click the blue button below to launch the online lessons.
  • The program will open once you are logged in using the previous Step 1 instructions.
  • If the program doesn’t load, try refreshing your browser


Step 3: Click the Review button on the website.

  • Under Heartcode® ACLS Online title, click the Review button to open the program.

Step 4: Click the Heartcode PALS icon as shown below.

Step 5: Click the arrow on the top right of the page to expand the lessons.

  • After expanding the lessons, click the TABLE OF CONTENTS button to view the course content.
  • You may start with the first lesson titled “Introduction to Adaptive Learning,” or;
  • You can skip around the course and review any of the lessons in the TABLE OF CONTENTS of interest to you.
  • You do not need to print anything out. Just review the topics before your in-person classroom session. That’s it!
  • Note: The online lessons are currently being updated and instructors are testing the new software. Please disregard any message that states “training is completed.”
  • To reset the lessons, simply click the Table of Contents tab as shown below and start with “Introduction to Adaptive Learning.”
  • You do not need to print anything out or download a completion certificate.